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Dive Hudson Grotto

Our Local Dive Site in Pasco County Florida

Welcome to Hudson Grotto, your very own dive destination right here in Hudson, Florida. Hudson Grotto is a prehistoric limestone sink, most likely the oldest inland body of water in Pasco County. This unusual water feature is part fresh, part salt water and descends to depths over 100 feet.

What you’ll find here is very unique and different than other sites. Around the edges of Hudson Grotto you’ll explore limestone outcroppings with unusual fossils and solution tubes. In the shallows, you’ll find a variety of interesting fish and turtles. Large bass, catfish, bluegill and our very own koi will greet you as you enter.

If you see a little head poke above the surface”…don’t worry, it will just be one of our turtles checking out the divers as they enter the water. Around the water’s edge you have picnic tables and a shelter to keep you out of the sun while you put your gear together. Come and enjoy a day of diving at Hudson Grotto.

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