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The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) is the core of the PADI Instructor training process. The goal of the program is to prepare you to function as an effective PADI Instructor by thoroughly familiarizing you with the PADI system and its entire diver training programs. You will draw upon your current skills and knowledge while learning how to conduct classroom, pool, and open water teaching sessions. While successful completion of the IDC will prepare you to easily pass the Instructor Examination, this is not the focus of the course. Our program is specifically designed to arm you with the basic skills and knowledge you will need to begin your career as 
a scuba instructor. 
Be certified as a PADI Divemaster or be an instructor in good standing with another training organization for at least six months (check with our PADI Course Director or contact us for qualifying credentials.)
Emergency First Response Instructor or CPR/First Aid Instructor with another emergency care organization (training available at Scuba West.)
Be at least 18 years old.
Be certified as a diver for at least six months.
Have 60 logged dives to participate in the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and PADI Instructor Exam. You’ll need to show proof of 100 logged dives to be certified by PADI.
Have proof of CPR and First Aid training within the last 24 months. The Emergency First Response course meets this requirement (training available at Scuba West.)
Be fit for diving and submit a Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months.
MSDT Prep, PADI Instructor Specialty, TecRec Instructor
PADI Instructor Specialties
Adaptive Support Diver Instructor
Adaptive Techniques Instructor
Altitude Diver Instructor
Atlantis/Dolphin Rebreather Instructor
Boat Diver Instructor
Deep Diver Instructor MSDT Prep*
Digital Underwater Photographer Instructor
Drift Diver Instructor
Driver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) Instructor
Drysuit Diver Instructor
DSMB Diver Instructor
Emergency Oxygen (O2) Provider Instructor
Enriched Air Diver (NITROX) Instructor MSDT Prep*
Equipment Specialist Instructor
Fish Identification Instructor
Fluorescence Diver/Fluorescence Photographer Instructor
Full Face Mask Diver Instructor
Gas Blender (NITROX) Instructor
Kayak Diver Instructor
Night Diver Instructor MSDT Prep*
Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
Search & Recovery Instructor MSDT Prep*
Self-Reliant Diver Instructor
Sidemount Diver Instructor
Underwater Navigator Instructor MSDT Prep*
Wreck Diver Instructor
Project AWARE Instructor
AWARE Coral Watch Diver Instructor
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor
AWARE Fish ID Instructor
AWARE Dive Against Debris Instructor
TecRec Instructor Programs
PADI Tec Instructor
PADI Tec Deep Instructor
PADI Tec Sidemount Diver Instructor
PADI Tec Trimix Gas Blender Instructor
*incuded with MSDT Prep
Scuba West opened in 1968 with the aim of providing great service to the local scuba diving community. As a PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Center, Scuba West transitioned from a strong
presence in the Florida Gulf Coast area, to developing a long-standing reputation worldwide. Fifty years later and as one of the areas premier scuba diving facilities, we continue to offer quality service
for the recreational, technical and cave diving community.
Visit our 2 1/2 acre complex including showroom, classrooms, on site heated swimming pool and our very own dive site – Hudson Grotto.
With over fifty years of experience, we guarantee the highest standards of quality in terms of teaching, safety and services.
Are you ready to take a step into the next adventure of your life! Becoming a PADI Pro isn't easy, but it will reward you for the rest of your life. imagine going to work in the funniest looking suit around...A wet suit! and your commute to work wood entail crossing a Sandy Beach instead of a crowded City. No office for you, just the back of a boat, some excited students and a vast ocean ahead of you. 

Becoming a PADI Pro can become a reality for you at scuba West. Regardless of your certification level right now, you can become an instructor in less than a year. 

This page is designed to give you information about professional scuba programs that Scuba West offers. Our goal is to help you become a dive Pro weather teaching locally or Halfway Around the World. Learn how to be valuable in the diving industry, which increases your ability tool and a great job by the instructor Development Center that has been training divers for over 50 years.



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Master scuba diver Trainor 

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