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Although "our area" is a vague term, on this page we'll discuss dives available to you in the Greater Tampa Bay area including Pasco, Hernando and Citrus Counties. From Scuba West, these sites are within 2 1/2 hour drives. We feel that makes a good list of dive sites you can choose without an over night stay.

This list is always growing. If you are aware of a dive site that is available to the public, let us know and we'll add it to this list.

Rainbow River

Blue Grotto

Dive the largest clear water cavern located in the heart of freshwater spring country in Williston, Florida. The Blue Grotto lets you dive down to a depth of 100 feet (30 meters) in crystal clear water all the way down at a watertemperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) all year round!

The Blue Grotto Cave is our newest feature and cave divers from all over Florida are now visiting Blue Grotto to explore this almost untouched beauty. What sets The Cave at Blue Grotto apart is not only that it’s a site few get to see, but the fact in remains in as close to its natural state as possible. The rock formations are fragile. Virtually every surface is covered by a deep, undisturbed layer of silt.

Check out our own Blue Grotto Cave Website for more information: www.bluegrottocave.com

Only Open Water Diving Certification is necessary as Blue Grotto is the safest cavern dive in the area, but it is a thrilling and fun experience for all levels of diving experience.

Instructors are very welcome to use Blue Grotto's great training platforms in the shallower part of Blue Grotto or the training pool.

The nature surrounding Blue Grotto is great for having a picnic with the family or friends between your dives. You can enjoy a relaxing BBQ after some great dives or even stay the night in one of our nice cabins by the pool.

(Taken from Blue Grotto's website)


Devil's Den

Bought in 1993 by our current owners, this natural wonder has been transformed from a simple scuba diving site to a world class tourist attraction.   Visit one of North America's most prehistoric places, Devil's Den Spring! This underground spring inside a dry cave has been home to many extinct animal fossils dating back to the Pleistocene Age, which are on display at The University of Florida's Museum of Natural History.

  • 120 ft. surface diameter

  • 72 degrees F/22.2 degrees C year round water temperature

  • Inverted mushroom shape below the surface

  • Maximum depth is 54 ft/16.45 m

On cold winter mornings you can see steam, like smoke, rising from the chimney opening.  Thus, the early settlers gave the name Devil's Den.  With crystal clear water, year round 72 degree water temperatures,  ancient rock formations with stalactites, fossil beds and much more, You're guaranteed to leave with memories that will last a lifetime!

(Taken from Devils Den's website)

Lake Denton

Crystal River


Hospital Hole

Hudson Grotto

Manatee Springs

Paradise Springs

Fanning Springs

Ginnie Springs